Brush Holder for VT Makeup Stations
Brush Holder for VT Makeup Stations

Hairdryer/Brush Holder for VT Makeup Stations

This hairdryer/brush holder hooks easily onto your VT Makeup Station for additional storage & surface space.

  • Black ABS Heat-Resistant Plastic
  • Compatible with VT101C & VT101C.TR Makeup Stations


Please note that this product is made to order by a factory in Italy. Please contact us to order.

Cantoni was born in Bologna, 1996 by a make up artist and a photographer. Both of them working on location, realised the need to be well equipped in such circumstances. They started to think about a solution which allowed to work efficiently with a good professional appearance. 

Nowadays Cantoni make up stations are utilized for all over the world by the most famous brands and make up artists. Their clients include Yves Saint Lauren, Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme, GmbH and many, many more.